Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Bring my Business to Cary?

Conveniently located at the crossroads of Rockford, Milwaukee, and Chicago, Cary offers a prime location for businesses looking to tap into these markets. Furthermore, since Cary is a smaller Village, the Village’s Community Development/Economic Development Department is readily available to assist any business that needs it. Due to this, the Village is very proactive and enthusiastic in offering businesses support, creating an ideal environment for your business to thrive.


What Kind of Business Assistance does the Village of Cary Provide?

The Village of Cary works proactively with businesses in order to help them understanding the local zoning, licensing, and permit requirements related to the opening of their business.  The general approachability of our staff can allow for frank discussions regarding the support your business may need and how the Village may be able to assist.  In certain instances the Village may participate in a project financially in the form of business incentives, depending on the scope and scale of the proposed project.  The Village of Cary also provides general support to assist your business in accomplishing its goals and/or fulfilling your needs through coordination with other agencies, such as the McHenry County or the State of Illinois.

Whether you are a new business that is looking to set up shop in the Village of Cary, or are an existing business that is looking to expand your footprint within the community, please reach out to our Community Development Department at (847) 639-1100 and we will work tirelessly to assist with your business journey.


What is the Difference Between Services Provided by the Village of Cary and the Region’s Chamber of Commerce?

The difference is that the Cary Grove Chamber of Commerce provides networking and marketing services while the Village of Cary offers developmental and financial services. The Cary Grove Chamber of Commerce offers services that allow a business to gain access to resources to expand their customer base such as being able to plug into the local business community. The Village of Cary offers services that help shoulder some of the start-up costs as well as providing a developmental blueprint for businesses to align to.


Where do I Find a List of Properties for Sale?

The Village of Cary offers a listing of available retail, office, and industrial space.  The information is gathered from third party sources and is deemed accurate but not warranted.  Please contact the Community Development Department at (847) 639-1100 if you are interested in locating space or property for your business within the community.


Are There Local Grants and Tax Increment Financing Options Available?

Yes! The Village of Cary offers a Facade Improvement and Interior Buildout Grant Program and has established tax increment financing (TIF) districts within the community.  The facade grant program offers matching financial assistance to businesses looking to renovate their commercial space or update life-safety systems.  For a complete list of covered improvements and eligibility requirements please review the grant program’s application.  The Village has also historically utilized TIF to encourage private investment within specific areas of the Village.  Currently the Village has one active TIF District, the Central Cary TIF District (TIF #3), which was implemented in August 2023.  The Village is eager to kickstart development in the district.  To learn more about the TIF district and the façade grant program, please contact our Community Development Director Brian Simmons at bsimmons@caryillinois.com.


What Education Institutions are Available to Train the Local Workforce?

Businesses looking to train their workers can look no further than McHenry County College, which is a short 10-minute drive away from Cary. McHenry County College is the local community college and offers associate degrees in areas such as Accounting, Nursing, Engineering, and much more.